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January 4, 2023



It’s Not only Power Bi Dashboard

Project controls intelligence Hub is a Power BI dashboard that has been specifically designed for project controls and tracking. This dynamic dashboard is fully automated and provides easy updates, making it an essential tool in project control.

One of the key features of Project controls intelligence Hub is its ability to provide a comprehensive reporting system. This system allows users to analyze data from multiple sources and gain a better understanding of project performance. The dashboard also provides real-time updates, which is critical in project controls as it enables users to respond to issues in a timely manner.

In addition to its comprehensive reporting system, Project controls intelligence Hub is also fully automated. This means that it can be updated with minimal effort, making it easy for users to keep track of their projects. The dashboard is also connected to OneDrive and Azure, which allows users to store their data sources online.

AI is another technology that has made a significant impact on project control. By using AI-powered bots, organizations can automate various project control processes, such as monitoring project schedules, identifying potential delays, and alerting project managers in real-time. AI can also be used to predict project outcomes and optimize resources, which is critical in project controls as it helps organizations to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Overall, Power BI and AI are essential technologies in project control as they help organizations to visualize and analyze data, automate processes, and optimize resources. Project controls intelligence Hub is a prime example of how these technologies can be used to improve project performance, reduce costs, and make informed decisions.

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