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Mohamed sabbah
Mohamed sabbah
  • Residence:
    Saudi Arabia
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15 +
15 +
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My story

Mohamed has 16 years of diversified experience in navigating projects from conception to handover on projects ranging from high-rise buildings, palaces, and 5-star residential housing, across Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Mohamed incorporates the experience in line with international standards and lessons learned in planning, monitoring, claims, variations, reporting systems and controlling all phases of the project life cycle to achieve successful delivery.

Our Current Project
Salem Bakri
Salem Bakri
Project Controls Manager

I have worked with Mohammad on many projects, He is very highly skilled in planning and scheduling, delay analysis and project control management. Along with his kindness, humble and approachable personality, his knowledge and experience inspired me and my team.

Mohamed Feroz
Mohamed Feroz
Planning Engineer

Engineer Mohammed Sabbah is one of the most skilled professionals in the construction industry I ever met. Always committed to the success of the project. Great abilities to tackle any kind of situation and love to work under pressure. Great skill in EOT claims and Delay Analysis Techniques. I am very much thankful to get Eng. Mohammed Sabbah as a Mentor with such a positive attitude of supporting his team whenever needed.

Latest Publications
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